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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

It's 2019 and the "gig" economy is here. No matter if you enjoy your full time job or hate it.... bottom line is it's never a bad idea to have a "back up" plan or an extra source of income. The average millionaire has on average 7 sources of income.... bottom line it's just smart.

How I Felt About MLM Life

Being completely honest with you, I HATED MLMs and everything that I THOUGHT they stood for. The best way I can describe how I felt was icky. No, I didn't want to make a warm lead list with my closest friends and family. No, I didn't want to host parties. No, I did not want to cold message people just so we can have an impersonal conversation about how I wanted all their monies. JUST STOP! What I didn't realize at that time was that each company was not created equal. The training that someone gets in one multi-level marketing company can differ so drastically from another. Not every MLM structured company has to make you feel like a gross, greedy human being that constantly nags and begs family and friends for attention and money. This is why I was hesitant to start promoting a product, even though I knew it worked! What would people think...blah..blah....

Ya. Ya. Ya. You've been watching your friends on social media start a new business and they begin posting on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe they even send you a message after not speaking to you for 134374 years. What is your immediate thought? Let's be real here. Are you happy for them? Are you annoyed? Are you intrigued? Are you trying to find the "unfollow" button as fast as you can? Well, let me explain something to you. Whether your gut instinct was to run or whether it was to congratulate that friend.... You are probably right. Is there a WRONG way to do network marketing? Umm one million times yes. If you're wanting to run and unfollow that person, it's probably validated. BUT, what I will say is this. Every SINGLE PERSON who decides to start a side hustle, new hustle, side gig (whatever you want to call it) has a REASON they decided to jump in. The training on how they decide to run their business will definitely impact how you view them.

Why I Chose NuSkin

All I knew was that I was obsessed with the whitening toothpaste. Literally, that is it. I was asked to help a friend out by posting my results... cuz they were disgustingly but gratifyingly good. (Is that even a word?) Anyways, I made one post on facebook and I had over 100 people commenting for information on this toothpaste. I'm naturally a pretty driven person and was like.. hold up... this girl is making money off this. So I asked her how much she was making off my post..... then she told me it was FREE to sign up to sell it.... then I asked what "the catch" was (there's always one of those). Almost two years later people..... there is NO catch. I learned a posting cycle, I learned how to collect payment, and I learned how to ship tubes from home. Literally, easiest thing ever. EVERYONE and their mother needs toothpaste and everyone wants white teeth. It was a no brainer. Not only did I sell a crap ton of toothpaste, but the real excitement sets in when I can train someone else to do that same thing!

I was not looking for something else when I joined NuSkin. I have a master's degree in Speech Language Pathology and I am a licensed Realtor. For some reason though, I discovered that helping others learn to be self sufficient and build a successful online business became a passion of mine. There is nothing more gratifying than helping those wanting more for their families. Wanting a back up plan, wanting to make extra cash for that family vacation, making enough to cover college tuitions, paying off that high interest credit card, etc. This business is NOT about hounding your friends and family. They'll come to you. This business is about providing a solution to people all over the world and helping others provide that solution as well. The best part about it all.... is there is ZERO risk! You sign up for free, it stays free. You collect payment before placing ANY orders with the company. It's instant profit.

If anyone reading this is a traditional business owner, you know how smart of a business model this is. No inventory, no payroll, no overhead, no rent, etc! NuSkin absorbs all that risk for us! All you have to do is have a little bit of drive, a smart phone, and access to a post office lol. If this isn't for you.... that is OK! The cool thing about it is we can still be friends and you won't lose any money. Praise the Lord! All is right in the world. NuSkin is an opportunity to create a different financial situation for your life. It can provide time freedom, financial freedom, friendship, leadership training, and a purpose. Learn the facts! I would love to be the one to help you along the way!

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